The equation is simple. The market leader in detergents + the market leader
in protein crystallization = Standards that get higher than ever before.

No one knows more about setting higher standards in structural biology than the leader in detergents, Anatrace. So it comes as no surprise that Anatrace has raised standards again by recently adding Molecular Dimensions (MD), the market leader in protein crystallization, to its roster.

By including Molecular Dimensions in with its existing portfolio of detergents, lipids, purification solutions, and Microlytic crystallization tools, Anatrace does more for its customers than just offering an expanded product line. It enables Anatrace to fully support the entire gene-to-structure pipeline for both soluble and membrane protein targets. And for researchers, that’s big news.

Even bigger news for scientists is that the greatest minds in crystallography will be now working together to develop new ideas, new products, and new solutions to raise protein crystallization standards even higher. Plus, since the industry’s most unique and robust set of crystallization tools will be available through a single source, ordering and logistics will become more simplified – affording scientists more time to come up with the breakthroughs they’ve been working on for years. 

In fact, Anatrace and Molecular Dimensions have already been working together for a number of years.  The MemAdvantage™ additive screen, originally developed by Joanne Parker and Simon Newstead at the University of Oxford(1), is the first additive screen developed exclusively for membrane proteins.  Available through Molecular Dimensions, MemAdvantage™ is an easy-to-use 96 condition additive screen which contains over 30 Anatrace detergents, as well as a number of multivalent salts, polyalcohols, non-volatile organics, organics and amphiphiles. 


1. Parker, J. L. and Newstead, S. (2012) Protein Sci. 21(9), 1358-1365.