So you're interested in our detergents, are you?

Anatrace is best known for the broadest selection of high quality detergents. Thirty years ago, we started with one detergent, Dodecyl Maltoside (D310).  Anatrace was the first company to sell a high purity version of this product that was capable of stabilizing a membrane protein. Since those humble beginnings, we have grown and now sell over 90 different detergents which are grouped into six broad categories: 

Among the most popular detergents sold are Decyl Maltoside (D322), Octyl Glucoside (O311), Nonyl Glucoside (N324), and LDAO (D360). These detergents, along with Dodecyl Maltoside (D310), are responsible for crystalizing greater than 50% of the known membrane protein structures(1)
In addition to offering highly purified Dodecyl Maltoside (D310), Anatrace also tailors this popular molecule into useful derivatives to meet your specific needs. Anagrade, Sol-Grade, Low Alpha, and Alpha Isomer (HA products) forms are available, as well as Deuterium, NG Class, Sulfur, and Selenium forms.
We launched the innovative CYMAL line of detergents in the early 1990’s.  CYMAL-5 (C325) has become an essential detergent and is found in most screening libraries. The launch of the NG Class Detergents products further demonstrates our dedication to producing high-quality, ground-breaking products. LM NG (NG310) and OG NG (NG311) are quickly becoming preferred detergents and should be included in any detergent screening library.  Anatrace takes pride in helping scientists unravel once unsolvable challenges. Contact our chemists to help you develop specialized solutions tailored to meet your unique specifications. We can also provide custom synthesis services and expert analytical work to aid your research and development team.
1. Vergis, J. M., Purdy, M. D., and Wiener, M. C. (2010) Anal Biochem. 407(1), 1-11.