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A principle challenge facing researchers working with membrane proteins is determining the best detergent solution for stabilizing and keeping the membrane protein soluble outside the lipid bi-layer environment. One of the most common misconceptions is that only four to five detergents are required to screen against the protein to determine the optimal solution for stability and solubility1. This subset of detergents has crystallized approximately half of the known membrane protein structures. What is often overlooked is approximately 45 other detergents that account for the remaining half.

Q: So which detergent works best?
A: The solution is to methodically screen a number of detergents to scientifically determine which works best for your protein.

Complying with this structured experimental design requires many different kinds of detergents. Every membrane protein research lab working on structural membrane challenges needs a detergent screening library for this purpose. A second challenge is building your detergent library as purchasing a variety of detergents can be quite expensive.

Q: So what is the best way to create a detergent library?
A: Our selection of Anatrace kits is the best solution for constructing a detergent library for your lab.

Anatrace  is known to offer the broadest selection of detergents. For over a decade, our team has collaborated with the membrane protein structural biology community to offer every detergent and all possible derivatives. To assist labs in building a detergent library, we have multiple pre-formulated kits that streamline the process of screening a detergent.

Master Kits
The Anatrace Master Kit Series is designed to be complete detergent libraries. Our master kits provide between 51 and 88 different detergents. Each specific kit allows your lab access to a wide variety of detergents to screen membrane proteins against. It is also the easiest way to purchase the most complete pre-assembled detergent library.

Product Group Kits
Anatrace Product Group Kits are intended to broaden out membrane protein screening experiments. Customers often prefer to start with the tried and true Anatrace detergents such as:

DDM, DM, OG, Nonyl Glucoside, Fos-Choline®-10, Fos-Choline-12, Cymal® 5

The kits include varying acryl chain length derivatives of the most popular detergents. Anatrace product group kits can be used either a.) in combination to test multiple different detergents or b.) alone to determine the optimal detergent in the group. Using these kits is an efficient strategy for determining the detergents that react optimally with your targeted protein(s).
Popular Product Kits
Anatrace Popular Product Kits include six of our most popular detergents: 

CHAPS, CYMAL -5, FOS-CHOLINE-12, n-Decyl-β-D-maltopyranoside, n-Dodecyl-β-D-maltopyranoside, n-Octyl-β-D-glucopyranoside

These kits are built to make bundling our popular detergents easy and convenient. Labs who are screening membrane proteins for the first time will find these kits a very cost-efficient approach. Our kits contain detergents that have a high probability of stabilizing and keeping the membrane protein soluble outside its lipid bi-layer. 
  1. 1. Vergis, J. M., Purdy, M. D., and Wiener, M. C. (2010) Anal Biochem. 407(1), 1-11.