Is it a problem finding an alternative to HiTrap Columns? We have the solution.

Powered by gold standard resins, our fast and reliable affinity purification columns have superb performance at the right price. Anatrace HiFliQ Columns are pre-packed and ready to use with a variety of resin chemistries.  We offer pre-charged Nickel-NTA and Cobalt-NTA agarose columns for affinity purification of histidine tagged recombinant proteins, Glutathione Sepharose columns for purification of GST-fusion proteins, and Protein A and G columns for antibody purification.

Innovate using products from the company that sets their standards high:

  • DTT, βME, & EDTA-tolerant Ni-NTA and Co-NTA
  • GST, Protein A, and Protein G resins available
  • Pre-packaged in 1 ml and 5 ml columns
  • Compatible with all FPLC instruments, peristaltic pumps, and syringes
  • Also available as loose resin
HiFliQ FPLC Columns are available in 1 ml and 5 ml column sizes with high binding capacity and minimal ion leakage. These columns are compatible with all common chromatography HPLC and FPLC instruments (including ÄKTA FPLC), and low pressure pumps and syringes using an appropriate adaptor.

Introduce the HiFliQ FPLC Column family to your research with one of our resin chemistries:

To make things even sweeter, for a limited time (until 6/15/2015), we're offering 15% off your first order of our new HiFliQ FPLC Columns.  Just use promo code ANA-HiFliQ, or email for details.

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