We're celebrating some high standards at the end of the year.
And planning to set them even higher in the years to come.

Another year in the books!  The year 2017 was certainty an exciting year for you, from the crystallization of the LRRK2 protein on the International Space Station in the Microlytic Crystal Former to the determination of exciting membrane protein structures including GPR40 in complex with both an AgoPAM and partial agonist from Merck(1), the Trp Channel TRPV6 from the Sobolevsky lab at Columbia University(2), the fluoride ion channel Bpe from the Newstead lab at Oxford(3), and the GLP-1R:peptide complex from Heptares(4). This is all in addition to the incredible progress we are still witnessing in the field of Cryo-EM.  To date, there are 51 total structures of unique membrane proteins determined, and there is still time to go!
Here at Anatrace, we have had an equally exciting year as well. We kicked off the year with the exciting announcement that we added Molecular Dimensions to our roster, allowing us to further support the full gene-to-structure pipeline for both membrane and soluble proteins. Together both companies released a number of new and innovative products this year, including:

  • Dodecyl Melibioside: A new detergent with a smaller micelle size compared to DDM and LMNG. Perfect for NMR studies of membrane proteins.
  • Crystallophore #1: A luminescent Terbium complex that is an effective nucleant and provides significant phasing power.
  • Biotinylated Amphipol A8-35: A novel way to immobilize membrane proteins onto solid supports for assays such as SPR, ELISA, and microscopy.
  • Cryo-EM Pucks and Grid Boxes: An easy and convenient way to store and ship samples for Cryo-EM.
  • POPG: The newest addition to our lipid family.
  • MIDASplus: A perfect screen for difficult to crystallize targets that samples alternative precipitant space to move away from standard PEGs and salts.

We want to thank you for your business and wish you a healthy and prosperous 2018!
To spread a little holiday cheer, we have two special offers for you! 
Until the end of the year, Anatrace is offering a 10% discount on any of our purification tools, resins, and Quick Coomassie Stain.
Additionally, until December 15th, Molecular Dimensions is offering a Buy 2 Screens, Get 1 Free offer for customers in Canada, US, and South America. Just contact Customer Service by email or via phone at 800-252-1280 and we’ll make sure you have some new gifts under your tree.