Sometimes the way to avoid pitfalls is to set higher standards.

In our March newsletter earlier this year, we shared with you some exciting new results using GDN (glyco-diosgenin)(1). These included the structures of the GLP-1 receptor–G protein complex(2), the dimeric Fo region of mitochondrial ATP synthase(3), and the Piezo1 ion channel(4). Many researchers are finding GDN to be a synthetic, drop-in substitute for Digitonin that avoids many of the common disadvantages, including batch-to-batch variability, low solubility, toxicity, and price(5, 6, 7)

This fall, there have been a number of exciting new Cryo-EM structures of ion channels determined using GDN. We are excited to highlight three of these recent new publications here:

  • In September, 2018 the lab of Alexander Sobolevsky at Columbia University determined the Cryo-EM structures of the TRPV3 channel in both the apo-closed and the agonist-bound open states(8). To determine the agonist-bound open state structure, the TRPV3 protein was purified using 0.01% GDN.
  • In October, 2018 the labs of Juan Du and Wei Lu at the Van Andel Institute determined the structures of the TRPM2 in both the closed and active open states(9). The TRPM2 protein was solubilized using 10 mM GDN, and purified using 0.2 mM GDN for Cryo-EM structure determination.
  • Also in October, 2018 the labs of Nieng Yan at Tsinghua University and Princeton University published the structure of the Nav1.4 sodium channel in complex with the ß1 subunit(10)The Nav1.4 protein was solubilized using DDM:CHS, and exchanged into 0.12% GDN for Cryo-EM structure determination. To our knowledge, this structure represents the first time density for a molecule of GDN can be visualized in a structure. The GDN molecule binds in the intracellular gate of the pore domain, holding it open.  The figure to the right shows the GDN diol bound in the intracellular gate of Nav1.4.  The di-maltose headgroup of GDN sticks into the intra-cellular space, and was not modeled.

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Have a success story we missed?  Let us know, and we’ll be sure to highlight your work in a future newsletter! Interested in learning more about our tools and reagents for Cryo-EM experiments, be sure to check out our new Cryo-EM workflow page!