Working together to set higher standards so you can achieve even more.

At Anatrace, we’re seriously committed to developing and supplying the industry’s finest high-purity detergents and lipids – and equally committed to the high standards that make it possible. Our standards have made Anatrace an internationally-recognized leader in manufacturing reagents for membrane protein studies and custom chemical synthesis. And those same standards mean you’ll have the confidence to aim higher, too. 

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At Molecular Dimensions, our love for all things crystallography drives who we are and what we do, every hour of every day. Our vision is to simply provide all our customers with the best products out there for structural biology.

Molecular Dimensions is a world leading supplier of modern screens, reagents, other consumables and instrumentation for protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography. Founded in 1998 to provide specialist products for crystallographers across the world, it has grown through alliances with leading scientists aimed at developing and commercializing innovative ideas.

Molecular Dimensions offers the most innovative range of products from the latest developments in structural biology research. The company currently has over 20 projects at various stages of development from new screens and reagents for crystal growth, new laboratory plastic-ware, to a range of instrumentation.

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