Microlytic is now part of Anatrace

In December of 2014, Anatrace acquired Microlytic, a manufacturer of innovative products which focused on improving protein crystallization.  Anatrace is excited to continue to support the highly successful Microlytic products, including the MCSG Crystallization Suite and the Crystal Former.

As a leading provider of tools for protein research, including detergents and protein purification tools, Anatrace is pleased to offer the Microlytic solutions for both soluble and membrane protein crystallization to allow researchers to accelerate their workflow, increase output quality, and help solve the major challenge in structural biology, crystal formation.

Microlytic products provide technologies to enable scientists to screen fewer discrete crystallization conditions while increasing the probability of crystallization success. You can expect to continue to receive the high level of technical service and customer support for the Microlytic brand products that you have come to expect with Anatrace offerings.

To see the full line of Microlytic brand products, click here.